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About Me...
I have been working with dogs for over 22 years, with many different trainers from bird dog handlers, agility trainers and animal behaviorists. Through the years, I’ve trained in pet stores, vet hospitals, etc. and now dedicate myself exclusively to in home training because I have countless years of proven success with personal training!

I want to spend time offering all of my to you so that you have a complete understanding and the ability to teach your dogs anything you might need to through the course of their lives. It is my guarantee that you will never need another obedience lesson when you are finished with the curriculum, that you are more than satisfied with what you’ve learned and/or conquered any lingering issues, and you are ready to enjoy your companions!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my clients excited and proud because they have such wonderful puppies! Everyone should have the opportunity to feel the joy a well-disciplined dog can add to their lives!